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This site is a showcase for my interests and my expertise. With 30 years experience in general electronics and the semiconductor industry, I am using this site as a "shop window" to demonstrate the range of equipment and capabilities it is possible create with patience, good fortune, but very little money. What started as therapy in 2006 has become a passion. From computers & printers (originally intended to be an income) to test equipment, in a few years  the collection has grown from a DMM & oscilloscope   to include calibration equipment through to RF with many stages in between.

          The update is now in process -- only seven years late.



I am always looking for redundant / surplus / faulty test equipment that can be repaired or re-used.



- Test Equipment calibration check



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Photographs of my workshop and equipment.   - to be updated very soon

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  Offers of employment are most unwelcome. 

Opportunities for new interests or challenges are very welcome. Income is no longer a driver for me. I have retired & only wish to do things that I enjoy.


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